Friday, May 14, 2010


I love my life!

(Statutory Warning: I do not wish to sound like an annoyingly happy person spreading world peace and happiness through this blog). There are enough and more who are already doing that well.

I rather get back to telling you something which I know well i.e. my story.

I love my life coz I LOVE my experiences so far. They have made me into someone who I am happy to be - funny, unpredictable, stupid, philosophical, caring, loving and vicious too (when really needed to be :)).

So when often I would narrate some of my stories to friends and at home, I would often be told that there is something unique about them - either the stories are really weird or I am ;) But they are worth sharing since they reflect my romance with my life.

So while one such day I was sharing this thought with a very close friend who is now happily nestled herself in a Canadian town, she insisted that I blog. period.

"But what do I blog about?" is what I asked her next. And without wasting even a moment, she said "Your experiences about food, travel, people. You are always upto something and your life is nothing short of a drama. So, make your memories more cherishable by sharing them. You'll enjoy this experience as well."

Though from that day to this day, I have fought umpteen battles with my laziness, the 'very private' side of my personality, the fear of criticism of people putting down my thoughts, I FINALLY realised "What the heck, Amrita? You are no author claiming to win a Booker Prize for your auto-biography? It's the whole art of being able to express yourself better with no constraints of limited words or space and discovering new connections through your thoughts."

So, that's the story what gave birth to this blog and another lovable experience that I am sure to enjoy. Hope you shall too.




  1. Way to go Amu! Would love to read this 'footloosish' side of you...have fun blogging and hope to get some devilish thoughts out!


  2. Finally!! Yay!! look forward to more posts, and yeah have fun doing this :)

  3. Somebody once said: The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

    And now I'm so proud that you put everything aside and got down to doing this.
    And cant wait to start reading your 'pages' :)

  4. u have whet the appetite! let the stories begin

  5. My baby! I give you my blessings and look forward to hearing your various escapades. Hope someday i too get inspired to enter the blogging world as I know its an experience in itself worth exploring. Right now as time does not permit micro blogging it is...

  6. all the best on your initiative.
    happy adventures!
    love and light

  7. Welcome to the blogosphere and trust you have made a couple of good blogger friends!