Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cycling Silk anyone?

Remember Kate Harris?

A while ago I had written about this super-awesome-lady that I had the good fortune of meeting some months ago.

And why do I idolise her? For her fortitude, strong grip over her independence, her sense of perspective and above all, her humility - all that were put to test when she started her misiion to cycle along the Silk Route.

When I met her, she had only completed one stretch of the Route. And now she along with her friend is in the midst of the year-long Cycling Silk expedition across Istanbul, Afghanistan and the dotted line finishing in the northern parts of India. I am following her expedition closely and hope to meet her when she is in India by the year end.

And I know that many friends who enjoy cycling would also love to know more about her.

So here you go - Cycling Silk.

Have fun :)

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