Wednesday, October 19, 2011

just little things that i love

thoughtful gestures; smiling faces; late night coffee & conversations; midnight chai at carter's; the sight of the highway, early in the morning; nip in the air; when beer makes people bond; when the door bell rings and I see friends who have made a surprise visit; the first sip of my morning tea; underneath an open night sky, the sound of waves at a shore; walking with my music and coffee giving me company; waking up early to reach the airport; long train journeys; when I'm untraceable while travelling; spacious green parks; the aroma of coffee; nutella crepes; an english breakfast; going through old photographs, looking at our silly, ugly dark ages and laughing howlariously; when a smile makes people bond; when crazy, stupid ideas make people bond; when awkward moments make people bond; mom's food; dad's reaction while watching india lose a cricket match; mom & dad discussing a saas-bahu show over their phone conversations; brother tuning/ playing his instruments that remind me of the weekend having begun; the me-time with casper;singing with rajiv & nameeta on our drives together; digging out lyrics to match the mood of the day; everyday making people laugh through silly bbm jokes;thinking of more things to add to this list and so on :)

its very easy to make a list of things we hate. when was the last time, you made a list of things you love which make each day worth living?