Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Bombay girl who loves Delhi

You are allowed to frown. Because I have got used to it.

"Delhi? Why? Who moves from Bombay to Delhi? Are you insane? No girl can like Delhi because its so unsafe, think about your decision. You are sure to hate it once you move there."

Reactions from well-wishers back home.

"A Bombay girl choosing to move to Delhi? Really? That's rare? I'm sure you may not be liking it as much. Delhi has a lot of issues which don't exist in Bombay."

My introductions here are incomplete without the above reactions.

Thank you for the concerns but if you just pause for a moment, which city in India doesn't have issues? There is not a single town in this country that has given a safety assurance ever - tourism boards will never be able to take that pitch for a campaign in this country.

For me, it is not about a Bombay (yes, I am a true blue Bombay girl who shall never address it in any other way except official communication at work maybe) or a Delhi.

It is about the way we think. I have met so many people who have never been to a city like this and already have strong opinions - "Delhi is such a sick place. I'm never gonna visit that place. It is so unsafe for women."All thanks to their exposure to news channels & friends who have nothing better to tell them.

It's time to open our minds to attract a new outlook towards the way we perceive everything around us. We have become SO TYPICAL. Scared of taking risks. Enjoying a world in the safety net even if we are dying each day inside that feeling trapped. To be spotted in the hippest of places to prove how cool we are even if we have no interest in what's going on there.

It's time to listen to our gut more than the people around us. It's time to make new mistakes. It's time to live a new life that is waiting to tell you "how wrong you were about some of your preconceived notions."

And as far as Delhi is concerned, it's time to scratch the surface a little more to find that jackpot of an experience that Bombay alone may not have managed for me.

AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, Delhi has winters. Come visit me soon :)